Henning Geiler Photography, henninggeiler.com - Henning Geiler is a photographer living in Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada.
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Henning Geiler Photography, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Walking around places with my camera puts me in a zen-like state. I forget about time, and when I emerge again I am happy and relaxed.

As a photographer, I strive to seize the essence of the moment. Things always happen only once and are often missed, but I don’t despair as the next meaningful opportunity might present itself just a fraction of a second later. Always bring your camera, and go to where the action is.

When I am "into it" my mind is busy cropping frames, adjusting horizons and finding the most appealing compositions and balances. I encourage you to engage with me and leave your feedback on this website. By doing so, you will play a vital role in my hunt for the next meaningful moment.